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500 word Essay

Brevity is something we all value because time is a nonrenewable resource. Therefore, if you can make your message shorter, do it. One of the reasons Twitter is so popular is because it makes you think about the words you use. You need to cut the long story short to attract the attention of others. Nobody is here to read a whole novel on social media. The abundance of information spoiled us and now we prefer short messages to long beautiful paragraphs full of analogies and metaphors. The task of compressing your thoughts into a short meaningful message is challenging. That is why writing a 500-word essay is a difficult assignment for many students. On one hand, you do not have to worry about finding a lot of additional information to include in your piece. On the other hand, you need to craft it very carefully so that you manage to tell a reader everything you want within the given word limit. Let's look at this assignment closely to uncover all of its pitfalls.

What Does a 500 word Essay Look Like

Spoiler alert: it is not that different from any other kind of essay you've already seen during your studies. It has the same structure: the introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs. The only thing that differentiates it from other similar assignments is its length. So, what are the things you need to keep in mind while writing it? First of all, you can't skip the step of outlining. Otherwise, there is a high risk of missing some important points. Also, keep a rigid structure of paragraphs. Do not get off the topic by including some philosophical insights you get along the way. Stay focused and remember to highlight all the necessary points of your story.

How Long Is a 500 word Essay?

Well, there will be no surprises here - it consists of 500 words. In case you are wondering about how many pages you need to write, it depends on the format of your writing. If you are working on a single-spaced essay, you will end up having one page of an outstanding literary piece. Logically, you will have two pages in case of double-spaced formatting. However, we suggest you do not concentrate on the number of pages. The only thing that matters is content. Make sure every word is in its place. It is always better to say less but give a reader more information on a specific topic. Your teacher will prefer having all the answers to the questions a particular topic discusses to the required number of words that do not give any answers at all.

How to Write a 500 word Essay

Now it's time to talk about the most important part. What are the secrets of writing a stellar piece? We might disappoint you by stating that there are none. It is all about your motivation to create something outstanding. Of course, the lack of inspiration can stand on your way to success. That is why our service exists. We assist those who struggle with improbable deadlines and experience writer's block. Our gurus will help you come up with a non-trivial topic and arrange all the points you want to discuss in the best possible order. You can place an order at any time - day and night. Moreover, you get the chance to cooperate with the most experienced writers from around the world. It does not matter what kind of problem does not let you move forward: the lack of time/information, the limit of 500 words, etc. We have experts who will be glad to guide you through the difficulties of any scale.

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